Yummy Mamee!

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Now, speaking about snacks and food , one of the famous food i would say among kids , even in the present generation , got to be mamee monster snack. This is one of my favorite snack I would say, even right now sometimes i would still have the craving for this snack. With a simple packaging, it definitely attracted me back then easily !

I would go for this snack simple because of it simplicity of this snack yet tasty ! With ajinimoto to its flavor , it is definitely a mouth watering snack. Now i have a simple technic to it all , i would consume half of this snack, and then , add the ajinomoto to it , to give me a super salty taste to it all. well back in the days i didn't have a sweet tooth , so having food that is salty was really my thing! but I don't really appreciate it being so salty anymore :) 

Did i forget to mention that it comes with stickers too? yes it does ! during back then it was like sort of a trend .To stick it right at your pencil case , and then feeling all excited and bringing it to school.Those were funny memories i would say but yes, those was all what i did back then .Now having it being one of my favorite snack, it is also one of the amazing coincidence i would say , to have mamee monster being on of the official sponsors for my favorite football team, Manchester United. Competition from this snack that takes you on a trip to home of United , Old Trafford , to see them compete live with another team.

  Time has really taken its toll, more interesting activity can be participate by just purchasing this extremely affordable snack. More prizes could be won , that was one of the whole reason why , this snack is one of my favorite snack. :)

-Brandon John


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