Robin Hoob

Almost all homes now have television (TV). Television with human life cannot be separated already. Children are among the highest number of people watching television. Cartoons are the most sought after programs for children coupled with technological advances until there is a plan in the form of cartoon-like "reality" is called 3D.
For example, ‘Doraemon’, ‘Sinchan’, ‘Detective Conan’, ‘Spongebob’, ‘Hagemaru’. Sure enough known familiarly by children. Cartoons like compulsory feed children.

However, I prefer to watch old cartoons, because to me it is more immoral and cultivate good values ​​naturally to children who watch it. My favorite cartoon is'' Robin Hood'' from Walt Disney edition.

You must have been so familiar with the Robin Hood figure. Robin Long stride or more well-known known by the name of Robin Hood is a legendary figure who successfully cultivated the public as defenders of truth warrior figure. Philanthropy decorated courage to make the archer maiden role models into a row of figures in the stories as well as cinema.

He is an archer and also a philanthropist rebels and thiever.He is labelled as philanthrospis because Robin always share the stolen proceeds to the poor who need and just steal from rich peoplr who do wrong.Over the years,had many film tells the story of 'hero' of Sherwood Forest,both widescreen movie,but TV series animated movie.

On the whole this film is quite entertaining, especially for you fans colossal action films. Filming on the English setting of the 13th century and costume design is very representative of the conditions at the time.

The story of Robin Hood is the first cartoon video tape that I received as a gift during Christmas,at the age of 4.The gift I received was from my late uncle,It was my favourite gift.

I remember every time I came home from the nursing home, I would ask my mother to play the video tape. And my uncle reminded me, not to be greedy, cruel and corrupt like character 'King Richard I' and 'Sheriff of Nottingham'.

Until I was 13 years old, the video tape was ruined, and I was not able to watch the cartoon again. I feel very sad at the time; however, the story is now available on upload in 'YouTube'. Every time I missed my late uncle, I will watch the cartoon Robin Hood, and after that, my feelings will become calm again.

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