Tomatoes :)

What does tomatoes have in common with food ? well a lot actually ! it is one of the essential ingredient for making food taste so good. Traditional food , well most of them , require tomatoes to make it taste good :)But back to what i'm trying to say, I love tomatoes to begin with. and during back then I could this particular snack anytime of the day and end up licking my fingers from the crumbs from this snack. Toki Toki biscuits ! J


Have you tried this awesome food yet? if you haven't its okay it is not too late. go grab it at the nearest grocery store near you . I remember back in the day where by every 5pm i would be outside the house kicking on my football waiting for that special "roti man" horn. the moment i hear that mouth watering entrance on a guy with a bike selling snacks and bread, it i would run in the house, grab my money and rush out just to buy them. at one go i usually just eat 2 packets straight while watching tv. it really is one of the best thing that you could do back then during the days.

Back then everybody go crazy over the "roti man". right now this generation we don't have much of excitement anymore when we hear that sound. everybody is more focus on doing they're shopping at malls and things like that. to be honest i don't see kids eating toki toki anymore !snacks to begin with. their all pampered over other things rather then to just have this as their snacks. Their more interested with their chocolates food and things like more excitement  of seeing this biscuit anymore. I'm not surprise they don't even know what toki toki is to begin with . But this snack , was all about me back then . when you're with a bicycle cycling down the road, you will pass me , waiting for the "roti man" , for this special thing.

i remember as well that i was scolded for eating so many toki toki and my parents got so mad at me .so what happened was , me and my friends cycled to a different area just further up in front to share money so that we could share the toki toki! man,it was seriously fun chasing  after the "roti man" . Those are memories that i would cherish till the very end :) You tell me what was your favorite snack :)

Brandon John 


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