Sand, Sun, Sweat at the Beach!

Beach is the place where you can see your toys, games and snacks are all combined to create a wonderful memory as always! When we were being a kid, parents never fail to put a smile on our faces when they decided to bring us to the beach for picnic. Back to the scene, we do not concerned about how sunburn will be, how dangerous the beach will bring, how should we wear is the best attraction, so on and so forth. What we know is the sand, sun, and sweat! 

Even in the latest century, the kids are doing the same activities on the beach. BUT, parents nowadays had so much worries about the tsunami and therefore they normally brought the kids to the swimming pool. Last time, beach is not difficult to find except the city but most of the land of beach had used for development in the present day. Back then, I can even ride a horse or donkey on the beach. So much fun! =(
Nevertheless, the best moment in our childhood is the moment you were with your family. They are the people that brought a lot of childhood memories to you. Without them, you have no toys you liked, your favorite foods, cartoon you wanted to watch, and even the childhood.

Here is the goods for our readers! I have found a site for World's 100 best beaches, check it out and bring the kids there to create their childhood memories. This is my favorite place during the childhood, do you still remember the time when you were there? ;D Written by Tan Chia Jee


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We have foods; we have games; we have songs. Quote from John Betjeman, childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows. This is the topic we're mainly focused on, the purpose is to stir the childhood memories to the readers. Share the goods to the one you went through all the memories with. ;) We are students from KDU University College, Malaysia. The purpose of our blog is for Diploma assignment ONLY.