Tooth extraction experience

I've read a lot of experience who have molar tooth extraction. Here I also want to share my experience when I was a kid. I already feel the pinch and the phobia for the last molar tooth once or call the wisdom tooth. I've had undergone surgery to remove my wisdom tooth on the right side.

When I was 8 years old, I underwent a dental surgery. I was very scared to go to the dentist. However, I was consoled by the doctors and nurses outfits. They were all wearing funny hats even some of them were wearing red nose! That blows my scares away…
Before the surgery, the doctor has asked me to make sure I did not have a toothache before tooth been extracted. During that time I have experienced a little toothache and did not inform the matter to the doctor. Because I think that’s not a big deal, I ask the doctor to go on with the surgery. I lied to him saying that I’m not experiencing any pain whatsoever. But apparently it is still an impact when undergoing the surgery. By the time the surgery was almost 50%, I feel very sick, even if it I was injected with a sedative 4 times on my gums.
The doctor was not able to continue the operation and had to sew my gums again. I was told to go home and eat antibiotics first, and then after a week I can just come back to the dentist to finish the operation. Upon returning home, I had too much pain. I feel very sorry because I had lied to the doctor. If I do not lie on that day, I would not be experiencing this kind of pain.
After a week, I went back to the dentist for my surgery. This time I was totally confident that my teeth are not sore anymore. When I arrived at the dentist, all of a sudden I felt my heart pounding. But after stepping into a doctor's room, I feel calm again. My doctor was wearing a chicken hat that has very long, yellow feet on his head that makes me feel funny.

The surgery was successfully performed as scheduled. I was very glad that it all finished. The pain is no longer there…How was your tooth extraction experience ?

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