A Different Hero: Doraemon

I bet you would never ever forget the theme song!

When we were a child, we love to read or watched heroes story. Seeing all the bad guys defeated by the good guy was just AWESOME! However, there was a hero who didn't beat down the bad guys by using brute force.

He has thousand or maybe billion of secret weapon to solve your problem (sometime it might push you into it). Doraemon, the Different Hero. 

Talk about Doraemon, the most memorable thing was his pocket! During our childhood, we always wanted to borrow the "memories bread" from Doraemon, so that we don't need to be hardcore on study. Besides that, we would like to have the “Dokodemo door”, the pink colour door which allows us go anywhere we want. In other word, Doraemon seems to have a power which could make the impossible possible! He will always help his best friend Nobita when he showed his crying face to him......

Even so, Doraemon did feel annoyed sometime.
Anyway, they were still best friend forever.  

Cartoons, the word that lighten up all the children's dream; that makes our childhood complete.There is an official Facebook page of Doraemon, feel free to drop by and check out the latest news of it. It might makes you reminisce how were you spent the time with your favorite cartoon in the past.  written by Tan Yuen Ling 


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