Shin Chan = Troubles!

When we see thick and bushy eyebrows, we thought of Shin Chan! Shin Chan is no longer only a character of cartoon to us, he had successfully affected our lives with all the actions he did and the contents he spoke! Apparently, he brought a lot of memories to us for entertainment. Even now in 21st century, 90's kids are watching this cartoon show as well! However, the laughing points might be different compared with the time when you were a child.
The scene we will never be forgotten because back then we used to act in his way while watching the show. Now you must be thinking you look ridiculous at that time but I think this is precious! In order to make it funnier, we will be doing it with exaggerate way. I personally think this childhood memory should be happening now, so wasted!

Yoshito Usui, who was a Japanese manga artist best known for the Shin Chan series had passed away, unfortunately. But the character he created still alive! Such a creative idea for creating a character that always lead troubles to the people around him, annoying yet cute.

The people around Shin Chan,
Even though there are only few of the characters but all of them have their distinct personalities that can led us burst in laughter at the end. Childhood is such a bless back then, no advance technology needed, where you can actually sit down with your friends and enjoy the show together. Let's have an minute spend on the Shin Chan's opening introduction. ;)

Now, there is an interesting Shin Chan's web that included of game, quiz, video, episode and  the other topics, you might be the one to figure out?:) written by Tan Chia Jee


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