Candy Lipstick - Push Pop 90s

                          I'm a '91 baby, almost 22, so perhaps I was lucky without missing it !

Hey 90's ,still  remember “Push Pops”?  those cute fruit flavoured lollipops that were dispensed like lipstick.The thing I love most about push pops is that you can just push it down and save it for later. I think they are better than lollipops because they are easy to store, but for lollipops you have to either throw it away or finish it.

The slogan “Don’t push me, push a Push Pop!” will forever be etched into my memory.

                 Other catch phrases included:

                  -Isn't time you pushed a Push Pop?

                  -Give life a push.

                  -Push a Push Pop, push it for flavour, push a Push Pop, save some for later!

Push Pop Candy, by The Topps Company, is an interactive sweet kids love to eat. The most distinctive feature to this lollipop is the pop-up action. Kids love to play with these delicious treats, as well as enjoy their great taste!

There are various kind of flavour such as Cherry ,Cotton Candy, Watermelon,Berry Blast ,Blue Raspberry,Strawberry.I still recall I like the Watermelon flavour very much!Push Pop lollipop candy is a sweet novelty candy that is an unique alternative to the traditional lollipop.

They also developed the infamous "Ring Pop".Using the same brand of fruit flavoured candy shaped into a ring.

Well, there is an official fan page for PUSH POPS in social networks -FACEBOOK.A place where fans can share their passion for PUSH POPS and where there here at PUSH POPS  can interact with their fans.
There is the  link 

Push Pops are just so unique, and they taste wonderful. It really like a candy lipstick, I still recall that i used to play candy lipstick on my lips.. Ah..i guess some of you would do the same  like me during childhood ,especially girls ! Haha !.I'd still eat it if you gave it to me though. Written by Wendy Thian


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