Chewing . Bubble Gum

90’s kids, guessing you are not strange to bubble gum right? We used to eat and blow the bubble when we eat the bubble gum. In our 90’s generation, many types bubble gum has sold in our school and snacks shop.

We always get attract by their colourful packaging and shape. Still remember? Our parents will scold and avoid us to eat bubble gum as they say is dangerous snacks for us because they scare we will swallow inside to our stomach.

Bubble gum brings us a lot of happiness when we were a child. When we chew the bubble gum, after we will use it to blow the bubble as big as we can.

For your information, in (country), blowing bubble become a trend for people, they even organize the blowing bubble gum competition, here to share you the video. 

Unfortunately, in year 2013, we are hardly to find the traditional taste for the bubble bum we use to eat. People use technology and improve the bubble bum, and it already lost the original taste and feel. Even we want to find it, but it very hard.

Bubble gum also be one of the topic for twitter and instagram, social media user are sharing their childhood memory to their friends as photos below.

You eat this before? *raise up your hand* How big of bubble you can blow? Still remember? Bubble gum sure bring your childhood full with joyful and happy. Share us your memory about bubble gum. We are waiting for you.


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