Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry ! This is one of the most famous cartoon in the world. Every people should know this cartoon, not only children but also people of every age because it is funny and i don't know why I still love t watch it now :P

So let me do some simple introduction. Errrrhemmm.. The Cat in grey colour called Tom, and The Mouse in brown colour called Jerry. That's why the cartoon name is Tom and Jerry :) 
In the cartoon, Tom always run behind Jerry trying to catch it or eat it. In every episode, they are always fighting with each other but in some episode there are also have some friendship between the two character. 

There are not only can find this cartoon on TV, but also internet ! You can play game and enjoy the every episode on Cartoon Network website anytime. This was awesome !  

We also can watch it on Youtube nowadays. This is one of the short version video from Youtube.

written by Ying Ying.


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