Muscle Man . Popeye The Sailor Man

Popeye the sailor man…bu…bu…  Still remember this cartoon theme song?
When you see the Spanish, the first cartoon come out with your mind will be POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN.
When you see muscle man, the first character come out with your mind must be POPEYE!
YES! Is Popeye!

This must be the one of your cartoon in your childhood memory, Popeye the Sailor Man.

In the Popeye cartoon scenes, there is always a bad guy, Pluto wan to chase Popeye girlfriend, Olive. Besides he also likes to bully Popeye.

Once Popeye get bulled by Pluto, Popeye will eat Spanish and become a muscle man to protect his girlfriend and himself. This will be the most classic scene for the episode. Hahahaha… Our parents will encourage us to eat vegetable and will say “if you eat more vegetable, you will become Popeye”. This can be the reason for us to eat vegetable, because every kids want to be the muscle man like Popeye, it is every kids hope.

Every 90’s kids admire Popeye and make him as our idol. You sure be the one! Nowadays, we are hardly to watch Popeye cartoon in television but we still can watch the Popeye comic in newspaper. Besides that, there is also having a Facebook page for Popeye. The link is, if you are the Popeye fans, you must not to miss this page to find back your childhood memory, and this is the social media for you to interact with other Popeye fans around the world.

Furthermore, you also can interact with the Popeye fans by using twitter. If you find  the word “Popeye”, you will see this is one the topic twitter users talking about.

Although now Popeye show is getting lesser, but try to think back then, this cartoon really brought us a lot of memory. They must very familiar to all of us, miss the show? Share you a Popeye show, enjoy guys! 

Written By Lee Jie Yin (Becky)


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