The choco or the toy?

Toy was one of the key point which raise our childhood up. Other than that, it will be sweet, candy and chocolate which we also known as snack. It will always get the first place in children's heart, no matter in 90s, 80s, 70s and so on. Children would probably pretend (or not) they were crying in order to get the price they wanted.  

Show the spirit of "wanting".

Therefore, when the snack and toy came together and combined to become a product — Ding Dang or Tora! There were a chocolate and toy inside the box, we can't see it through the box packaging. All the 90s kid will only know their gift right after the box was opened, it had various type toy in each box. It was secret treasure of our childhood, because you never know what kind of toy was inside the box next time. If we wanted to collect them all, we had to buy frequently in order to complete the toy collection. So we spent lots of money on this. Opps......

As what I mentioned just now, it was a snack which comes with a toy gift. How could we resist the temptation on that time? All we know was there's come food and toy. We were just an ordinary children who loves snack and toy. However, thing has changed when we grew up. People finally realize the taste of the chocolate was not that impressed. There is a review video of the snack, click on the link if you are interest with it.

Personally don't like the taste right now, but feeling thankful to have it during our childhood. It completed our life. written by Tan Yuen Ling


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