Gummy Candy . Yupi Gummy Candy . Mini Hamburger & Pizza

If you are 90’s kids, then this is the snacks u must not to miss it.
The taste is sweet, the packaging is attractive, and it’s fun.

There is two type of gummy candy we took when we was young which are hamburger and pizza.

How we eat? We used to eat the candy layer by layer. Have you tried before?
The structure is exactly same as the real hamburger, just the ingredient and size are different.  Hahahaha…. Real hamburger is filled with vegetable, meat and sauces, on the other hand, gummy hamburger is made up with candies. Sound interesting right?

However, we hard to find all those memorable snacks in our society and also the quality is not good as last time. I still remember the size of these candies is bigger and the packaging is nice.  Besides, the price is getting higher compare to last time. I still remember I bought these snacks for 20 cents each, I think now the price should be 30-50 cents each.

Those childhood snacks are very hard to get from the market nowadays. Even twitter, this become a topic for people to discuss… they took photo and share to others, they use social media to share the joyful of childhood memory to others. 

Miss it? Go to find it out, leave a comment for us, if u find it out. Share your joyful with us.

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Written by Lee Jie Yin (Becky)


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