Looney Tunes . Bug Bunny and the friends

For 90’s kids, when they see rabbit, they will always called rabbit as bunny. Yes! We do.
Bug Bunny and the friends, guess you no strange with them. They are our childhood friends.

These show have brought a lot of companion for us when we were kids, their show makes our childhood more fun and joyful. 

Besides, still remember this? This is a candy and we can play with the cartoon head on the top. 90’s kids must have it when you are young.

In this generation, “bug bunny and the friends” is not just our childhood cartoon only, they become more commercial recently. Now we can get number of their merchandise in different shopping mall and fashion shop. The merchandise like T-shirt, mug, and others.

Last but not least, now you also can watch bug bunny shows via online, there is a official website for the show and games. The website of Looney tunes: http://looneytunes.kidswb.com. If you are fans of bug bunny and the friend, then you should find it out. It will bring you more memory as well. Besides, if you are the fans, you can join their official fans page to interact with other bunny’s fans. The facebook official fans page : https://www.facebook.com/LooneyTunesClassic

Feel free to watch the bunny show, their laugh and funny action will let you distress and chill yourself. Bug bunny and the friends always makes our childhood more awesome and fantastic.  

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Written By Lee Jie Yin (Becky)


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