Which candy are your loves ?

This is my loves candy. Do you love this candy ?

Certainly some of you guys remember all this candy? Once in Malaysia, there is a store that sells candy "white rabbit" is. But now is no longer available for this production has been banned white rabbit on why milk content in this candy may have melamine.

I remember when I was little, my neighbour and I often go to the store across the street to get our favourite candy. And my mother also used to say'' if you help me hang the clothes, I'll give a white rabbit candy to you''. These sweets, flavoured milk creamy sweet, of course it's easy to attract children to eat it. On top of this candy wrappers were found a picture of a white rabbit, very appropriate to its name, 'white rabbit'. This candy only has one flavour, milky cream!

However, a few years ago, the world was shocked by the infant formula that has been mixed with melamine (a type of plastic material to make). According to the sources I have, is not only found melamine in infant formula specified only but also in White Rabbit candies, cookies and so on. Since then, my mother often prohibits me from eating this candy. And I also had to refrain myself from buying it.

During my childhood days, I really love to eat the white rabbit candy is because the sweet taste and flavour of milk. It is very tasty. But now I'm no longer can eat this candy... So sad :-(
Luckily my teeth are not damaged because a lot of eating sweets. As we all know, has become a habit all children love sweet things.

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