Crackling candy - Magic POP!

The best moment in school will be the time when you are bored during the class, your friends came out with a snack and shared to the classmates around. Speaking of this, there will be some friends usually handling a snack and requesting you to finish it quickly with the sound of "blak blak blak". Yes yes I'm talking about crackling candy!!
Tell me that you are missing this! So am I! The candy that creates fizzy reaction in one's mouth is a very good attraction to stir up the kids' curiosity because we do not know the reason of the taste of explosion. Honestly, last time I thought it will be hurting our tongue before the first try. Besides, we used to compare with friends about the loudness of the popping sound while the candy dissolving in the mouth! Also, the candy will be turning your tongue in colors. All the effects of the candy had successfully leave a best memory to our childhood. ;)

Nowadays there are different candies coming out with different names yet same concept as the crackling candy. However, none of it able to beat the character of the crackling candy!

the candy had now became decorative function and had created for combination with foods. Anyhow, I could not find the place that selling foods with crackling candy yet, the taste must be marvelous! Share this to people around, they will get you this maybe? :)

written by Tan Chia Jee


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