Do you still remember what is the comfortable place when you was a kid? When I was a kid, my bedroom is the most comfortable place for me. 

I am sure everyone have their own bedroom, or also sharing with siblings. I still remember my bedroom is sharing with my sisters before. :) There is a double bed in my bedroom, my 2 sisters and I was share with it :D We sleep together, play together, and also lay on the bed and chit-chat with each others.

Bedroom is not only a peaceful place, but also our castle. We spent our sleeping time in the bedroom. When our friends come to our house, we bring them to our bedroom for secret talk, we play inside, we do our school homework and etc.

There is always a war inside the bedroom, and we called it Pillow War ;) He~~~
That's was fun but also tired. How did you spent your time in the bedroom during your childhood? 

I am sure everyone have their own story in the bedroom :) 
Stay tuned.

written by Ying Ying.


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