Winter Wonderland

It was every little kid's dream to play with snow, build a snowman, make a snow angel, have a snow fight and basically just to experience the wonders of snow. It was mine too. When I was little, I loved watching movies where it has a scene containing a time during the winter and I loved watching the snow fall even through the mini screen! Believe it or not, it made me really happy!

As always, my parents knew my love for the snow and one fine day they brought me to this magical place called Mines Wonderland! Being very little and not knowing what Mines Wonderland was all about, I was immediately excited and happy the minute I found out it was a theme park. Oh, The fun I had! It was such an amazing experience playing with water, running around, watching the animals, sitting on a train and of course, my ultimate dream come true;- playing with snow!

I can still remember doing everything I watched on tv! I even learned how to skate! The Snow Word was my most favourite place in the world at the very point of time and I remember crying too because I did not want to go back when it was time! Looking back, Mines Wonderland has definitely given me one of my best memories and I really would want to go back there to experience all this again one day.  :)

-Brandon John


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