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If you ask, where 90's kids go, I would say is fun fair.

Still remember the moment we spend with family and friends in fun fair. We play the games together, we win the prize together. This can be a place for us to bond relationship with family.

However fun fair getting lesser and lesser , because it already replace by themepark recently. There is few themepark in Malaysia such as Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Genting Theme Park and others... Recently, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park have launch a world biggest water ride called as "Vuvuzela". It really gain alot of attention from people.
It is standing at the height of an 11-storey building, the RM15mil Vuvuzela is the latest addition in theme park’s water rides which is set to be a big hit after they launched the first of its kind Waterplexx in the park last year.
The ride is more than twice the size of the similar rides in Malaysia with its length of 70m and width of 40m. Visitors will be taken to the launching deck via elevator before sliding down on rafts from the height of an 11-storey building.

Share you a Vuvuzela video, enjoy! Feel free to visit Sunway Lagoon Theme Park and experiece it.

Written By Lee Jie Yin (Becky)


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