Haw Flakes is about layers!

A Chinese sweets that we would not missed out during our childhood! We called them as haw flakes, "shan zha bing" in Mandarin name. Let's say if anyone ask me which snack I had often taking until now, this is definitely the top in my list! As you know, my family used to buy this as one of the snacks for the Chinese New Year celebration, and most of the time the candy finished by brothers and me instead of the guests. Haha!

When you are begin with the first disc of this sweet, you can always finish it without sharing it to others! Not forgetting that there are total 10 rolls in a pack, it was surprising that we could taking in all of it by our own. When we were a kid, we would not concerned about the harmful of the ingredient of snack, as long as it is nice to eat. Besides, have you ever noticed that people around you who think it was disgusting but they end up finished the candy at one blow? The reason simply because it is a snack that you could not able to resist -- too easy to eat!

There are now selling different shapes of the haw flakes! Even the candy are in everywhere now, but people would turned into excited mode once they found it included me.

You can now create a Tumblr account and share your opinion of haw flakes to other Tumblr's users! The best thing in life is that we could share the same happiness to each other isn't it? Here will be the good place. :)

Oh! In case you are interested with the making of haw flakes layered cake, you may visit this blog! They did a detailed steps for the making. written by Tan Chia Jee


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