Secret Castle

Wardrobe is an interesting substantive; it can be explained in multi ways. The most common explanation was, it just a place which let people hang or put their clothes inside nicely. For girls, it will be great if the wardrobe can be larger as a bedroom. For boys......the perspective of boys will be no different and just like the common view of public. 

But then, it is our view in the present day. What if we turn on the time machine went back to the time when we were children. The meaning of wardrobe was totally different!  
This is how we see our wardrobe in 2013.

This was how we see our wardrobe in 1999.

It's a castle!

Those days when we were a child, we played games by imagination and creating it by ourselves. "Princes, the enemies were coming! Hide, quickly!" We shout like nobody business and ran into the "castle", close the "door". What happen after that? NO, nothing was happening inside. Children.

It was fun spending time inside the wardrobe in our childhood; we were just playing and fooling around. We might looked stupid, but we were kid in those time. Children shall have fun wherever they wanted (except some dangerous places). After we grew up as a men or women, all those imagination will just be a thought. Because we were no longer a children. Treasure what you can do now, becaus thing always change in future. written by Tan Yuen Ling


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