Everyone's childhood, except the toys, what else?

Are still remember Sugus is? Remember, when your last time ate Sugus ?
Sugus brings what kind of memories to you?

Sugus bring me a wonderful childhood with my mother.

My mother always told me that: "why you very well behaved when you are child, more grown up like to answer back when I talk to you?”

Turned over those pictures, she thought I forgot all this, but how could she know that in those childhood memories for me. Actually I want to return to childhood. In the childhood, everything no need care about, only know how to eat, drink, after school is riding a bicycle go to the playground to play, no need worry any things, because I always will safety in her arms .She always will give full of love and care.

But I like to eat Sugus Switzerland sugar, is my super favorite candy, which I never forgot my mother always will buy for me, especially fresh juice taste, I like to eat so much, the surprising me is that my bag of sugar, either I always eat how to eat. Even today finished, there will be full again on tomorrow. I fell very funny why my sugus will not finish. In my primary school exam, one day of night, I did not fall asleep, I suddenly discovered why my candy has not finish, the original will is my mother will go into my room every night, opened my bag, put in every morning she buy a new candy in to my bag. Actually, I knew it must be my mother, because only she knows what I want the most considerate and like, my mother always said to me: "candy will make your life be sweet always baby! Would be too sweet as candy to happiness, but cannot eat too much, otherwise the teeth will be finished off. "

Maybe I just need this little bit of care and love, I'll be satisfied, this makes me feel what the simple happiness is.
Beautiful childhood memories are worth a lifetime on, although we always felt in childhood when it really well, so grow up and then recall, but found that it was beautiful.

So Sugus for me, could make me remember my wonderful childhood, you do?

written by khatijah


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