Gold Plum Candy :)

90 of you will remember me? If you have forgotten me, please take me on, along with childhood memories of happy hour~ * ~ * ~

 A salty and sour preserved plum encased in a sweet hard caramel dome. A delicious and fun way to play games with your taste buds. Well, there have many nick name for it.Such as,Gold plum candy / Sour sweet candy / Yellow heart plum / Hard plum candy/Golden eyes candy  :)

This is actually the typical candy made ​​from dried plums and given "li hing" powder that tastes sweet, sour, salty. This flavor combination creates a strong sense of who is believed to cure diseases of the sore throat. The candies was originally in china and also available in some Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand and so on.

Natural material only to the natural , do not give burden ";  .healthy, delicious . innovation , from the carefully selected high-quality natural material made ​​of good quality tasty.

■ Pure natural without pigment, top quality. 
■ natural material Huangxin Mei sugar, high quality material, healthy and delicious snacks. 
■ Small packing, convenience food .You can find in any old convenience store and sometimes even supermarkets.
■ Small Huangxin Mei sugar, first sweet, sweet acid which will slowly revealed, but also reveals a sweet and sour inside, just like our lives as happy, fantasy, and full of stimulating

The kind of sweet and sour taste. Sometimes will sweet and sour. 
Just same like our life. Experiencing good times. Sweet into the heart. Encounter adversity. Acid to heart almost broken.

Last but not least, this gold plum candy recaptures a lot of my childhood memories. Really like the taste so much! Hopefully all the 90's love it too! :)  
Written by Wendy Thian


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