Saving the world before bedtime - Powerpuff Girls ♥

I think just about everyone has a soft spot for cartoons .There is a wide variety out there,each with something to offer.I remember on Saturday  as a kid,grabbing a big mixing bowl and filling it with coco crunch mixed milk ; I;d hunker down in front of the TV and watch  Tom & Jerry,Sailor moon, Popeye, The Mask and so on.Now who doesn't remember that amazing show from our childhood??  Who can forget Blossom,Bubbles and Buttercup? Aww..My Favourite Powerpuff Girls ♥

I remember watching it as a child every Saturday on Cartoon Network .What a wonderful show Powerpuff girls  was. .The reason i like this cartoon is the three perfect little girl -superheroes are united in their life's mission together spent their days fighting the crime and kicking bay guy butt-all before bedtime .Just like the topic - Saving the world before bedtime! It is cool and interesting !

The Powerpuff Girls is an American animated television series created by animator Craig McCracken and produced by Cartoon Network Studios for cartoon Network.
First episode date: November 18, 1998
Final episode date: March 25,2005
Program creator : Craig McCracker
Network:Cartoon Network
Writers:Lauren Faust,Chris Mitchell ,Charlie Bean,Chris Reccardi

Why the professor wanted to create " the perfect girl ?"
I remember when i was young i wanted to be a scientist so i could create the powerpuff girls :D

In the city of Townsville,when Professor Utonium tried to create three perfect girls by combining sugar ,spice, and everything nice, he accidentally knocked Chemical X into the mixture and ended up with the super-powered Powerpuff Girls. Follows the adventures of three super-powered sisters -- Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup .Blossom is the Fearless leader , Bubbles is the soft and kind one - but she's no pushover - and Buttercup is the tough, hotheaded tomboy.

Power puff girl theme song 

Thus , the Powerpuff Girls were born !

Nowadays, PowerPuff Girls is available in the games too. It will be very attractive for the children as they can spent their time by playing this games during free time especially for girls. To be frank, I wish to have an attempt in playing this games to recall back all my childhood memories.  Come on boys and girls, let's download and play it together! 
Written by Wendy thian


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