Dexter's Lab ! 123

Now this cartoon is basically this boy being a super genius at his age, trying to do everything he can to conquer the world. But the problem is , not within of his wisdom , but his sister tends to destroy every single thing he invents and it would be a big failure after that . She goes by the name of Dee dee. She hangs out with her friends as well and sometimes , she could be a real pain when her friends are around , and they will bug the living hell out of Dexter.

Dexter has his secret lab that is hiding underground , beneath his house and is easily access through his bedroom behind the stack of books he usually tends to fiddle with that opens a secret compartment. his lab which hides under his house , is amazingly a huge one. with nobody being able to access the lab of his , somehow or rather , Dee dee never fails to enter the lab and he would be so frustrated wondering how she got in that secret place. 

With this happening , the parents still doesn't know about the existence of this special place. This show was really the "it" thing back in the day, among us, kids. It was a very popular one as well whereby we have people imitating Dexter with his words, thinking that we will be cool . LOL :) But this was one of the shows that defines my childhood. I'm sure you would have your favorite cartoon that speaks about you as well.:)



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