Malaysian Ice-Cream ?

Have you try it before? Ice pop? Ice lolly? Ice stick? Whatever. Haha. I am sure 90's kids will remember these legendary ice cream in Malaysia. This is one of my favourite snacks when I was a kid. I always go to the grocery shop that near my house to buy this. :) My parents always scold me for buy these because they said it is colourful and unhealthy. But... who cares? :P 

This is also one of the "Malaysian Ice Cream" too. It have a lot of flavor such as Asam boi, Milo, Ribena, Sirap Bandung, and etc. Heeeeeeeeee..... My favourite would be the Asam Boi. How about yours? :)

They are easy to make but it is so hard to find nowadays. But don't worry. We can make it ourselves easily in the house. Click in the link, it will show you how to make these.   OR
So what are you waiting now? Go and make it for enjoy in these hot weather now ;)
written by Ying Ying

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