We grow old together

Most of the children have tons of cartoons accompany our childhood life, but which cartoon the 90s kid will never forget? I can't give you a certain answer because people experienced different thing in their childhood, but as I know there is an attractive rat making everyone love him more. 

The Mickey Mouse!

Lovely appearance and funny story line was the reason why we kept our eyes on it. Other than that, the charming mouse has adorable and hilarious friends surrounding him. There were Goofy, Donald duck, Daisy duck, Mickey’s pet Pluto, his girlfriend Minnie mouse and even more! The different characters of in the story had inserted tons of colors into our childhood, they had fascinated the 90s kid childhood.

Mickey Mouse was created in those days before we born. He was not only represent a special icon in the 90s kid childhood and also a great cartoon accompany in our parent’s generation. It was the cartoon which started from our parents’ childhood and it never stops to capture people heart. Thing changing day by day, Mickey Mouse was also experienced the same thing. 

The timeline of Mickey Mouse.

source by watchmojo.com

We weren't the only one who grew up, Mickey Mouse experienced the same thing as us. It is like we were watching the growth process of each other. Well, we only appear in the middle of Mickey lifetime but we did grow up together from the moment.

We are no longer children now, the impression of Mickey is still clear. He is a talking mouse; he lives in Disneyland; his legend will never failed. written by Tan Yuen Ling


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