Sailor Moon -Girls' Power

One thing about the cartoon of childhood -- TRANSFORMATION!
When we were being a kid, thing we know is that winner will be the hero with stronger power and loser is normally a bad character who surely died at the end. Back to 90's, Ultraman, Power Rangers, The Mask and other cartoon with male characters that had a magical force to transform into a hero, Sailor Moon is definitely the heroine representative for the girls! Who cares it is a typical story line with the similar stereotype of characters, because it brings a lot of memories to us.

Before and after transformation,

Look at the costume, how could the kids able to resist not to watch them when the showtime is on the time they are not supposed to watch TV show? Basically Sailor Moon included 5 members, their magical weapon had provided to protect the world from the evil force. Story like this is good for the kids as they can learn to differentiate the thing they should do and should not. I can even proudly say that my childhood cartoon is the favorite of some of the guys! Come on, this is similar as the situation that some of the girls watch Power Rangers, this is totally not odd! :)

Their transformation usually took a few of minutes, and I bet some of the kids wondered why the enemy would not attack them during the transformation? Haha! So, this is why it is meant to be a cartoon or animation because it will not happened in the reality.

I found a Sailor Moon's channel that often updated with the latest news. Besides, Sailor Moon 2013 Facebook's page is about every version of the series regardless of anime, live action, manga, or the new reboot that coming out soon. written by Tan Chia Jee


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