I want to share a story when I was a child before. During the celebration of the new year, when I was 7 years old, I was told a story of ‘Rapunzel’, who has golden brown hair extremely long. This story was told by my cousin. The next day I managed to persuade my mother to get a video tape of this story for me, as a New Year gift.

This story tells of a girl with long hair are colored golden brown, separated from his birth family during infancy. She was kidnapped by a witch, who considers it is revenge to Rapunzel parents, for taking her crops when she was still in the womb.

Her story is well known by the catchphrase of "Rapunzel,Rapunzel,let down thy hair."Her name was taken from the flower 'Rapunzel'.When she was 12 years of age,the Witch imprisoned her in the tower in the middle of a forest,with no stairs,no doors,there is only one room and one window in the tower.If the witch wishes to go up to the tower,she will say the words of wisdom,and Rapunzel would wrap her long blond hair into a pin that is on the window and drop down her long,long hair.Which,usually the witch would climb up by using Rapunzel's hair.

One thing that really impressed me was how her life for over 18 years living in a high tower, with no companion but the witch who she assumed to be her own mother. Rapunzel not knowing real things which befall herself, and also she had never set foot on the ground or to get out of the tower. However, as common as it seemed, at the end of this story, Rapunzel is finally out of the tower and is reunited with her ​​lover, the Prince Charming.

Although this story has a lot of parody by many cartoonists and comedians, and there are many version of Rapunzel. Until now, I still love to watch the story of Rapunzel, regardless of what version of playing.

Written by khatijah


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