Dark Knight

The very symbol that is so called projected literally on air , instate of emergency to call out batman, to come out to save the world. Batman is an ordinary man , with super suits, gadgets and vehicles,  that goes out in the mids of trouble to save the world. now back then this is one of everybody's favourite cartoon :)

He became batman when he lost his parents at such a young age and he wanted to seek revenge to all criminals so that justice can be served. having his biggest fear that was bats, he then overcome it and eventually he became one of them. That comes out at night, being sneaky a he is, and brings justice to the world.

One of his biggest rivalry was the joker himself. An enemy of batman that, that mission was to conquer the world. This cartoon is basically how batman overcome his enemy and then rise up , to be a hero at the end of the day. It has a lot of moral values to it , and this show is definitely a great one for kids out there.

Now this show is one of my favorite till today, and im am sure that it has bring back lots of memories for u as well. Im sure you've heard of this awesome cartoon, but is it somehow special just like how it is for me ?

Brandon John :)


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