Navel + Cookie = ICED GEMS

Navel with cookie; cookie with navel. What combo is that? I bet people wondering how come this fellow mixes up navel and cookie, it doesn't make sense! Well, let's say, "If it does not make sense to you, maybe it is because we live in different generation." 

This is Iced Gems.
Meanwhile, it is Navel Cookie.

Navel Cookie, it is a word which direct translate from Mandarin "Du Qi Bing". In Mandarin, "Du Qi" means navel. They name it as Navel Cookie, because the size of the cookie was just about that small. To be honest it wasn't a pretty name, but we 90s-kid prefer the name which start with "N".

It was one of the item on 90s kids favorite snack list. The reason why Children love it that much, it's because the craziness sweet creamy top and the tasteless bottom. Never forgot to mention how the children ate the Ice Gems, we only finished the sweetness top part and throw away the tasteless bottom of it. Shame on the kid those day; we were all sugar addicted. 

By the way, when I said 90s kid it also included the celebrity. They are human being too, not to mention they had a childhood. But when thing happened on celebrity, everything has been magnify! There was a breaking news of One Direction member's Harry on Twitter. 

Now we know Harry has an Ice Gem tattoo to reminisce his nickname when he was "little harry". The childhood story is going to end up someday, but the feeling; the moment; the time that we gone through never disappear. written by Tan Yuen Ling


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