Hey guys, do you still remember this toys?
I am sure think most of you know about this, right? Yo-yo ! This is one of our childhood toys. 
When I was a kid, I still can remembered that my friends always take a Yo-yo spin and spin around me. Yo-yo become most of my friend's hobby.


This is not just a hobby, but also a style in this generations. 
Yo-yo have different types and colours. There are also many techniques to play Yo-yo. 

Yo-yo also become a performance for the teenagers in this generations. 
Nowadays, there also have Yo-yo competition for all the Yo-yo lovers to fulfill their interest. 

Is this recall your childhood memory? How many of you are Yo-yo lovers when you was a kid?
You know what? We still can buy it from most of the toys shop.
Work or Study and feeling stress now? Want to get back your childhood memory? 
So what are you waiting for? Go and buy one to play now! *WINK*
 written by Ying Ying.


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