Electric Fishing Toy

90's kids, get ready to have your mind blown. ;)
If there are memories running through your mind now, it means you are old and awesome. 90's kids should not miss this toy!
I bet most of the kids last time had underestimate this toy when the first time they seen this. Yes, I am one of them and it totally opposite with my first thought. There is always a moment that we will be end up being annoyed by the toy. Funny yet true!

The toy is accompanied with the sound effects that will sometimes stir up our excitement and intension, slowly with the frustration (If you tend to play it for times). Also, it will be the special time in your memories because your friends and family used to appear at this moment for saving your life. The funniest thing is that we could play it alone for a long time and find a way to gain attention from others when we had succeeded to pull all the fishes out from the machine. This is how amazing the childhood will be. Everyone was usually laughing at you and therefore you learnt to be independent indirectly. 
The toy is available in the market now but it is rare to find it everywhere. Besides, there are changes on the size, music, character and concept. As long as we can play it for now, these would not be the problems!  


you can even find it in Legoland now with the larger pool compared to the toy machine!

For the kids nowadays who have interested with it, the parents shall grab one of it and practice the patience of your kids. For the 90s kids who seen and played this during your childhood, share with the people you are now thinking of! ;)

Written by Tan Chia Jee


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