Come quietly or there will be trouble...

 What's Up !!! yes so we are reminiscing our childhood memories and the topic simply being Toys :) I'm sure most of us have that one special toy that we always had fiddled with back then during the days i would say. i have this one special toy and i loved it so much . I'm talking about Robocop ! This action figure was then made into a movie, after being broadcast ed as a cartoon back then .it is basically a human that was killed by a drug gang, and then scientist revived him, and turning him into a machine.

so this has been one of my favorite show, and it still is, so i got my parents to get me and action figure of Robocop. It was not a normal ordinary toy, it was heavy, it wasn't all metal but it was made with a very hard plastic. just like the show , the action figure it self shows how solid Robocop is. The design from the core of the show is extremely interesting that is how i find it. From what it was, and how it became later on.

I remember i would just play with this toy, and start tossing it everywhere being in my own world , and my mom would never seemed to stop screaming because it damages the floor and the tiles. Doesn't leave a great impact where it leaves a hole, but scratches and stain. I just love the design of this toy , its durable and long lasting. i was very rough with it yet it didn't even break just by a little bit. Not like any other toy that there is in the store today, it is never ever long lasting as toys back then and this toy Robocop to be precise. Toys are definitely used to be broken someday somehow as it is fragile. back then in the day, toys are collect able simply because they last that long! Every friend of mine used to come over to my place to play with it but of course, being a kid , touching your toys is like robbing from another person. that was how precious it is to me , till i wouldn't let it to be in a possession of somebody else.

So, playing this toy when im in the world of my own, i would also start shouting and saying those exact lines that Robocop use to say just like the above video. those are the lines, famous lines that is said by him usually often, when he apprehends a suspect. And of course those famous advise that he shares which is stay out of trouble. Now this toy, is just spectacular. Watching the show , with all the things he shares with the viewers, when i start playing with this toy , every single thing i will definitely able to recall. Adding unto this , it also help me to behave in a way because i look up to this show , and i got my self an action figure that i have with me every single time.If i don't have it in my hands , its definitely on the table right in front of me . This toy has taught me a lot in a way , and this toy had been my best friend back then as well. One of my favorite toy that i play with every single day after coming home from school and then get the yelling of my life from my parents being so obsessed about this toy. :) But this is by far one of the best toys that i have ever have. not only it was long lasting, but it was an action figure , of a man that i really admire and idolized. 

This was really an "it" thing back then till we have people dressing like Robocop too. well it is usually done during Halloween because during this era, in the late 80's and 90's , everyone would love to be him :)
So this is one of my favorite toy. I m sure you have one or two special toy as well.

Brandon John.


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