Childhood . Colourful - Sand Art

Colours and arts always make our childhood more wonderful and interesting.

Guessing everyone has done this when you were kids? Sand art… Well, sand art doesn’t mean do the art on the sand. It is a toy or art creation for kids.

Do you remember this?

On that time, when we see a booth and many colors container shows on the booth, for sure we will request to our parents we want to play it. The most fun part is we can coloring the picture what we want and kids can choose the cartoon they like such as hello kitty and Doraemon.

This is a good activity to bond the relationship between parents and their children. Parents can share their idea and enjoy the moments with their kids to create their own picture and imagination of the colour.

Besides that, it also can be the learning material for the kids. Parents can use the sand art and teach their kids to differentiate the colour type and this will let their kids to improve the creativity.

Share a little bit my childhood memory to you, when I was a child, my parents like to buy me different sand art and this will be family activity for every weekend. I really miss the moment when I spend time with my family very much.   

There is few place you can get the sand art from there like art shop, shopping mall, Toy “R” Us, and Toy City. Use some creative and art to bring your child a memorable and interesting childhood, it worth it!

If you are 90’s kids, you should play it before. I tried it, how about you?

Written By Lee Jie Yin (Becky) 


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