Barbie Doll - A little girl's partner

If boys are holding Pokemon cards, girls will be talking to their barbie dolls. Aha! Girls, if you are smiling right now because of this, you are lucky to own a barbie doll during your childhood!
Last time when I am being a little girl (Yes I am a girl), one thing I know is that barbie doll is nothing without clothes, foods, friends, prince and a beautiful house. We, girls normally expected others to treat us like a princess and therefore the barbie doll is the reflection of us. The purpose of having barbie doll and toy animal is different as we used to talk to toy animal when we are in bad mood but we will never express our unhappiness to barbie doll. The reason is we do not want the reflection of us to have an unhappy mood as how we are feeling in reality. This is starting to sound a little creepy, but yes, this is the pure childhood we had!

Have you ever noticed that the barbie dolls basically having the same face? However, these are all considered as different in the mindset of a little girl regardless of the skin tone, clothes and accessories. Therefore, we tend to demand for more barbie doll sets in order to change their appearances everyday.

By this,
a male doll appeared in the film "Toy Story 3", named as Ken doll. Since then, the market is starting to sell male dolls for the role of prince of barbie doll's use! 

The barbie is now even available in the online website! There are plenty of activities and applications to play with, it is similar with the barbie doll we played but this is definitely save a lot of expenses! Visit

Apart from online website game, we could find things related to barbie doll via iTunes's appsFacebookTumblrYoutubeTwitterPinterest and Instagram. Have fun! ;)

written by Tan Chia Jee


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