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When I was a kid , this will always be the only action figure that I would love to have him around. No matter what time during the day, this guy will always be by my side. Bathing , eating , sleeping , anytime everytime, you name it.  Who is this guy ? *drum rolls* he is none other then Superman ! here he is right here !

This action figure is  an essential toy to me. Very in fact. Its not just any other toy , simply because by its physical figure , it does says it all. Someone strong, and definitely could overcome every single thing that pops up right in his way. This action figure reminds me of my dad. The man that is in control at home , and off home. My idol , the one who tells me what is right and wrong , and picks me up every single time that I fall .Being a kid back then , I’d believe that even when my dad is not around due to work purposes, by having this toy, I sorta believe that he is right there every single time. “someone” that I could turn to every time as and when I’m sad or happy. Some of us have that just one or two favourite toy , whether it has that special meaning to it or not , but somehow or rather it will be that special thing ,it could be due to reasons, or rather just special and you can’t answer them just like how we could never explain love . This is my toy, my essential meaning to this action figure. But what was Yours?

Brandon John


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