Cooking Toy . Masak - Masak

A toy cooking set, we called it “masak – masak”. Every girl should play this before when we was a kids.

We used to cook food and serve for our friends or parents by using the toy cooking set. We can spend time for whole day, friend chit chat around and make the environment feel warm and happy. Some will cook, some will serve, and some is the customer, every kids play together, this makes the whole environment full with laugh and memory. Toy always bring us friendship, we can get new friend from our neighbour.

In this technology era, everything replace by 3C products. Unfortunately, this cooking game has got the replacement in mobile application. Game developers have developed number of cooking game in mobile such like ipad and iphone. Nowadays, not only kids, almost all the smart phones users are crazy for game. There is many cooking game in phone application such as Pocket Chef, Breakfast Maker, Make Froyo, Dr.Panda Restaurant, Cake Mania 3 and others. Just use finger to tap the application, and we can play the game. Besides that, we also can play these cooking games via online. Here is the website : www. 

Therefore, most of the toy cooking set will eliminate very soon. In the future, our child would not to experience all the toy, maybe yes! Maybe no! I feel great to experience these toys; it makes my childhood more live and fun.  I played the cooking game in the phone, but it won’t interest and lively as we play the toy when we was a kids.

Don’t let your kids have a boring childhood memory, faster grab it from shop and play with your kids. They will like it. 

How about you? Which one you prefer? Cooking game in mobile or cooking toy in house… 

Written By Lee Jie Yin (Becky)


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