Playing with Clay - Shape your life :)

90's kids , are you one of them ?? 

The most memorable toy in my entire childhood is Clay Play. Not only me, I believe it’s most of the children’s favorites as well. Playing with the clay is a good sensory stimulation through different touch can stimulate the pituitary gland changes in children, and then converted to stimulate the growth of the child is very helpful.

Every time during art class, I am the most happiest because I like to play the clay with my classmates. In my impression, the teacher in art class is a very nice and creative teacher, she always teach us to do various kind of shapes, buildings, animals and so on. 

She is very patient in teaching us. Furthermore, teacher will give a reward for those who have the most creative works. I still remember I’m the student that always rewarded by my teacher as I always came out with impressive and creative design of my clay.

In the future when I have a child, I would strongly agree my child to attend a play clay class. By letting the children to attend play clay class, it will bring plenty of benefits to them such as to share creative ideas with other children, to make / improvise toys, play equipment from easily available materials as Play clay is non-toxic and not harmful to children. Other than that, Clay play fosters eye-hand coordination and clay is so fascinating that some children work for long periods without any adult motivation to maintain their interest. It can be a great way to extend the attention span of some children.

This clay toys is available in various toys shop such as Toysrus and so on.  During the 90's ,the design is using the paper box. Nowsdays, it is very convenient and easy-to-carry design for kids which is all packing into the box (See the Above Image).

As a result, clay play brings plenty of memories to me. So, how about all of you? 

Written by Wendy Thian Pei Shi


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