What is Tamagotchi?

Talking about toy or electronic gaming device, I am certain that the answer will start with alphabet "P" or "i", if you know what I meant. They are PSP, PS3, iPod, iPad etc. Those are the device that people spend most of the time to face on it. I wonder people still able to recall, the day before these high tech devices exist. 

Do focus on my coming up question. "Can you recall an electronic device which called Tamagotchi?" Still don't get? I will get you some tips.

Tip 1# It is a tiny and round device;
Tip 2# It has various type of color choices;
Tip 3# There will be an animal live in it;
Tip 4# It could be dead if you are not feeding them.

YES, it was the 90s kid favorite! An electronic pet craze, Tamagotchi! Oh, by the way, we used to call it "pet chick-y" instead of the originals name.

It was a brilliant idea which came from Japan. During our childhood generation, most of the children couldn't own themselves a pet, (and I was the one of them :( ) because of thousand issue which entirely related with parents. Therefore, Tamagotchi was created at the perfect timing to fulfill the 90s kid's dream. In the year, Tamagotchi was consider as high technologies to us. In order to follow the so-call trend between children, all of them were happy to own themselves a Tamagotchi.

Time flies; trend had changed. Those device has been replaced by the current high teach device like smart phone, note book and so on. People might taught it probably are now eliminated by society, but Tamagotchi had successfully got itself into a new transformation! It is now re-hatching as an application and it is now available on iPhone store. :D

It also successfully created a topic on social network, Twitter.

People keep "tweeting" the current status of their Tamagotchi. It seems like we-kids didn't forget about it. It might no longer in the first trend anymore, but deep down I know there will always a place for 90s kid to keep inside their heart. written by Tan Yuen Ling 


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