LEGO: Not only a Toy

"Hellooo, Peeps! :D"
 Do you know who am I?

People who doesn't know this, is going to fail their toys knowledge exam (if it exist). Nah, just kidding. I do believe kids from 90s won't forget about it! A toy which not only brought us fun and joy but also art — LEGO

LEGO was the famous construction toy in the world, especially in kid-zone. It was a toy which usually come out with a whole set collection, like castle, robots, wild west and so on. The coolest part which made us feel like a coolest kid was we had a set collection of a theme. You know what's cooler than that? It's you had various sets of themes of the collections. We made friends by sharing our favorite character with each other, I wonder how crazy we were?! Well, it also shown the utterly charm of LEGO to the children.    

If we went back to the past, these thousand choices of LEGO characters are going to drive us crazy.
People can't resist the charm of the LEGO, not even we had grown up. It was because LEGO was developed into some other special stuff; it becomes a part of art. In this century, it is not only manufacturing the tiny toy and; it also produced into a larger size model and display around the world. 

Madness huge size of the LEGO model was definitely caught the world wide attention. The creativity of each pieces design was impressive; I do think it is a great idea to keep the classic "fresh". Long live, LEGO! There is a Legoland theme park has opened in Nusajaya Johor, Malaysia. Now people can easily reminisce the joyful moment of their childhood and experience some new excitement by visiting this beautiful theme park. 

Last but not least, LEGO is also producing into film; there will be a movie "The LEGO® Movie". It is ready to show on cinema in 2014. Be patient kids! written by Tan Yuen Ling 


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