Do you remember this ?

When i am a child,
This toy bring me a lot wonderful childhood memories,
I think a lot of people had it before;this world be it exactly.
Game Boy...

For a lot of kids like me back in the early 1990s,the game boy was the only thing to look forward.Game Boy is something that I have a lot fun and nostalgic memories when I boring.

I have a nice collection of Game boy games.Of cause ,these are all original game boy cartridges that I own.The game boy pocket can only play these games,and sadly is no have game boy colour games can be played on them.In my collection I have, Super Mario land 1,super Mario land 2,Kirby dreamland,Donkey Kong,king of fighter,pitfall beyond the jungle,and Harvest moon.
You might be saying to yourself Where is pokemon game??Well sadly my pokemon stopped working a long time ago,so now i have try to buy another one but not sure that it is still sell. My charger is plugged directly direct play,but a little bit lose fitting,it will slowly shut down.

At that time this game boy is very expensive,but now the value of nothing,plus it is black and white.This game boy in my hearts is the most precious toys.

Now game boy is not black and white any more,even mobile phones also have a lot of different function.
Times have changed so fast,when I am a child i need beg my parents before they can buy a toy for me.

How about your game boy??Still with you ?
This all almost brought back my childhood memories.

Written by khatijah


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