The Fun and Wonderful Toy

Do you know what that is ?This kid really like to play,in fact,play together also lacks creativity but spin pull short.left and right hand around.

Have you seen Slinky?Do you play Slinky before?Are you guys known what is Slinky?

Slinky is a toy,helical spring that stretches and can spring up and down.It can perform a number of tricks,include travelling down a flight of steps , it stretch and reforms itself with the support of gravity and it own force.

A lot of time,when i see the slinky.I was thinking about how its figure change when view from different places.I imagine what it could possibly represent,being the hollow versatile object that it.I also noted the seems to create.The front parts of the spiral seem to disappear when i was focus on the back part.It also has colourful design like rainbow,it looks nice and has great value,and this environmentally friendly to come with your choice of colour handles.It got a slim design too.

Slinky is a helical spring toy.If you put it on the stairs,it will be

For letting go, the bottom was always destined to move

If you've played with a Slinky for more than five minutes,you will maybe learn all the classic moves.But it turns out those humble coils have a surprise up their sleeves.

A great Rainbow Slinky fill with colour

A colourful nice toy,do you have one before?
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