Brick Game.

I think most of the 90's playing time was spent with the electronic device - Brick Game Player.
Do you still remember what is the electronic device we always play with when we was a kid? 
Ta~ Da~ 

Does this recall your childhood? :)

I can find on TWITTER that many people play Brick Game in their childhood. If you type #Childhood and #Brickgame  in the twitter, there will come out the post that related with brick game.

Nowadays, Brick Game Player hard to survive in the society because people buy the technology product such as smart phones, PSP, IPod and etc.  But...... we can play it on FACEBOOK now. It's call Tetris Battle. 
Many people addicted in this game when it launch on Facebook. It is different compare with the old brick game because it got colourful visual and also can challenge with others friends. 

You can play it if you have an Facebook account. Click into the link if you want to play it :)

Written by Ying Ying


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